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As independent insurance brokers, we interface with leading insurance companies to have them bid for your business. We work for you, not the insurance companies. This provides us the flexibility to find the best solution for you needs. And, rest assured that no other insurance brokers, on or off Cape Breton Island, can provide you with better rates.


Group Benefits — Health and Dental

Lifting the burden of health-related costs from your employees can improve health and wellness, increase productivity, loyalty, and quality of life.

Group insurance plans allow employers to offer valuable health and dental benefits to their employees and their families at reduced costs. Businesses, large and small, can qualify for significant savings and often with no medical exams or restrictions on pre-existing conditions.

We are the exclusive providers of the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan ® for Sydney and area businesses. This national plan is designed for solo entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, and larger firms. It leverages the buying power of businesses across Canada to offer you surprisingly affordable coverage and financial security.

Critical Care Coverage

Most health insurance plans help cover the costs of basic medical care, but they do not generally compensate for the costs related to recovery from major illnesses. Critical care coverage provides you with a financial safety net to recover from unexpected expenses and loss of income.

Key Person Insurance

What would happen to your business if you or a key employee were to become incapacitated? Key Person Insurance is an insurance policy taken out by a business to cover financial losses that could arise from the death or incapacitation of a person that is important to the business.

Group RRSP

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) are a very popular investment option for people of all ages. A Group RRSP is similar to an individual RRSP, but administered on a group basis by the employer. Employee contributions are often made by payroll deductions, saving tax deductions. Some employers choose to match a portion of savings contributed by employees.

Registered Pension Plans (RPP)

An RPP offers you and your employees the opportunity to grow personal savings while deferring taxes. An RPP provides pension benefits for employees upon leave or retirement. Employees and/or employers can make contributions to an RPP.

Buy-Sell Agreements

What happens if a business partner can no longer participate in a business? A buy-sell agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms for the purchase and sale of a business that may occur due to the death, disability, or departure of an owner. It eliminates the risk and uncertainty that arises when the unexpected may occur.

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